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Statistical Physics

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The application of statistical methods to physics is essential. This unique book on statistical physics offers an advanced approach with numerous applications to the modern problems students are confronted with. Therefore the text contains more concepts and methods in statistics than the student would need for statistical mechanics alone. Methods from mathematical statistics and stochastics for the analysis of data are discussed as well. The book is divided into two parts, focusing first on the modeling of statistical systems and then on the analysis of these systems. Problems with hints for solution help the students to deepen their knowledge. The second edition has been updated and enlarged with new material on estimators based on a probability distribution for the parameters, identification of stochastic models from observations, and statistical tests and classification methods (Chaps. 10-12). Moreover, a customized set of problems with solutions is accessible on the Web. The author teaches and conducts research on stochastic dynamical systems at the University of Freiburg, Germany.
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